Monday, June 21, 2010

Master Mind has sold

Master Mind will have a place in Nova SciFi, probably in the Fall issue I'm told. David Gerrold is still stuck, as far as I know, in his War Against the Chtorr series because he tried for first person psychotic. It has been 17 years. Lotsa promises. All hat no cattle. I attempted a hallucinating protagonist, shelved it for a year, and rewrote in cold third, strong narrator. Only way not to daze the reader. You can only ask so much.

It came out of a rather anti-idyllic start to my college sophomore year, in the Mesozoic, when the best editing tool available was corasable paper, plumbers did more than fix pipes, and women traded secrets about better back alleys. One sophomore drank himself to death and was discovered by the smell. Another lost her battle for normalcy, succumbing to schizophrenia.

I imagined her life after dropping out and wondered if her disease might, under the right circumstances, be beneficial. What if her past were wiped out in an EMP, she walked out of the institution where she had been committed, and tried to help with the war effort? And the attackers were mind control aliens?

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Scott said...

Oh and BTW,
Gerrold claims this will be a tangible book in 7/2011, about 10 months from now. Believe it? That's 18 years after the last one came out, 19-20 years after he completed writing the latest book published in the series. And the last one went on and on about a wedding on a dirigible to fill out the pages.
He claims the series needs 2 after A Method for Madness to be complete. He's counting on some really big advances in human longevity, I fear.