Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Got my copy of Nova SciFi with my story and the biggest check for a story yet! Non-writers would laugh at the amount so I'll convert to Biblical sheckels, about three and a half. Their website has been down for a while, so maybe they're in trouble. Pay your bills, Wesley! I better cash that check while it's still good.

Leafed through the adventures of Janet, who went up against mind control aliens with nothing but pluck and her inner strength gained from years shut away in mental institutions. Editor made so many edits, some to make the language simpler, some more what he thought the meaning was, not mine. Ah well, he bought it, he can do what he wants.

Everyone else takes my stuff and does practically nothing to it. I guess the ideal for me would be small changes, done mutually and interactively.

It is nice to see my words in print on paper though. When a story is just on a website it still doesn't feel as real to me.

Three years, 10 stories published, and starting to get slightly into semi-pro publications. Happy with progress.


Jodi MacArthur said...

Yay, Scott!
You know there's a couple of us I know who have been three years into it, and we all started making semi pro sales/pro rate sales abuot the same time.

I remember this story. It's fantastic. Sounds like the editor did a bit of chop chop... that always gets on my nerves, but hey? What can you do.


ps Happy T day! ;-)

Scott said...

Still like to crack Asimovs or equivalent. Terminal Earth is pretty well-regarded, as is Necrotic Tissue, but I got in at both. I have a story held at Neo Opsis, remember Claire's Touch? Almost sold there, will know by year end and on its 15th market or some such. Too sexy for most, I think. That's what made it hard to place.

YOU! You have scads of publishing credits despite not knowing when to use break or brake!

Have the best Thanksgiving.

Scott said...

Nova SciFi is up after a several-day hiatus.