Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Claire's Touch is Illustrated

I know, just a little photoshop with the rover in the foreground for reference, but it's my first story illustration so I'm excited. I thought when I saw it that the hill isn't supposed to be there, and all three see the surprise craft nearly at once, but the parachute looks right, and the ship is silver, as it should be. Funny how I had a picture in my mind though I didn't describe everything tediously, so another reader/illustrator can see it differently. Who is to say she is wrong and I am right? A story becomes something subtlety different in each reader's mind, I think. That's part of the fun. It is also part of the fun to see what another reader got even though I never said as much.

Want to see some amazing story illustrations? Chris Howard Does his ownI lack the talent.

Publication is available here: